Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vibes and Stuff & Jazz (We've Got)-A Tribe Called Quest

Believe it or not, I found out about A Tribe Called Quest my freshman year on the bus to school by a random guy sitting next to me. Eventually that guy became a close friend and he actually turned me onto old school hip-hop, or hip-hop in general. On every album they avoided profane subjects and actually addressed  issues of importance. They rapped about gender roles and the production/effects of their music. It's sort of a difficult thing to describe without having heard it, but these guys were always groovin'.

The groups members consisted of Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Phife Dawg, and Jarobi White. The group came out with their album The Low End Theory in September of 1991, it was a whole mixture of jazzy beats and mellow rap.

01 "Excursions"
02 "Buggin' Out"
03 "Rap Promoter"
04 "Butter"
05 "Verses from the Abstract"
06 "Show Business"
07 "Vibes and Stuff"
08 "The Infamous Date Rape"
09 "Check the Rhime"
10 "Everything Is Fair"
11 "Jazz (We've Got)
12 "Skypager"
13 "What?"
14 "Scenario"

                                             "Vibes and Stuff"- A Tribe Called Quest

                                               "Jazz (We've Got)"-A Tribe Called Quest

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