Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The SO- Son of Ran

I've got to switch it up a little, so I'm going to introduce an overwhelmingly talented artist that's got this jazzy, old school energy. Although he's sort of disappeared for the last few years, he still damn sure deserves recognition for his beautiful and skillful music.

Son of Ran is low-key enough for us to not even be able to find his real first name, but this man is a lyrical genius.He was born and raised in Japan and he's not your modern-day, sex, drugs, and money rapper. He makes it clear that he values the smaller things in life and you'll hear a recurring theme of the importance of family in his songs. To me, this man is a poet. After talking him up, I figured I'd give you a taste of an LP he released in 2006 called Tribute to Sky City. 

                                                                   01 "The SO"
                                                                   02 "Can I"
                                                                   03 "Brief Soul"
                                                                   04 "The Professor"
                                                                   05 "Second Wind"
                                                                   06 "No Sunshizzle"
                                                                   07 "Gates to Cybertron"
                                                                   08 "Get Up"
                                                                   09 "Street Science"
                                                                   10 "As Long As There's You"
                                                                   11 "Y'alls Truly"
                                                                   12 "Lions Heart"

              Listen-->      "The SO"- Son of Ran

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