Monday, May 27, 2013

Charlie Brown-Jared Evan

Here's another up and coming artist I found through Wax, and he's starting to gain a significant amount of attention from the hip-hop/r&b world. It's crazy what social networking can do for a person's career, Wax made a comment on his Twitter about Jared Evan and his Youtube views for ¨Charlie Brown¨ practically tripled. He'd been working on his EP  The 4th Chapter since 2009 and it finally came out within the last year or so. Jared produces, raps, and sings on his albums.

01 ¨Letters¨
02 ¨Traffic Light¨
03 ¨One Good Thing¨
04 ¨Kill Me¨
05 ¨Charlie Brown¨
06 ¨Yesterday, Tonight, & Tomorrow¨
07 ¨October 10¨
08 ¨4th Chapter¨

                                                          ¨Charlie Brown¨-Jared Evan

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