Monday, May 27, 2013

I Know/One More Night/Out of Season/Calm-Freddie Joachim

Freddie Joachim is actually an artist I found through Son of Ran (a rapper and producer I mentioned previously). Those two humans are definitely some of my top favorite musicians. Freddie Joachim doesn't rap, though he produces countless jazz/soul instrumentals and beats. He scavenges for old records in different shops and creates some of the most euphoric music I've ever gotten the chance to listen to. I've grown up with his music influencing my life and my growth as a human and I feel I've got a lot to thank him for (he'll probably never know that). And after saying all of that, he's a surprisingly low-key artist. He's an extremely skilled (and organized) composer, each song just taps deep into certain emotions. Hes put out countless albums because the way he produces music its like he never takes a break.

¨I Know¨-Freddie Joachim

¨Out of Season¨-Freddie Joachim

¨Calm¨-Freddie Joachim

¨One More Night¨-Freddie Joachim

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