Sunday, May 26, 2013

Knocksteady Live & 8oom 8ap-Breezy Lovejoy

I found out about Breezy Lovejoy just about the same time I found out about the rapper Wax because their music was introduced to me by the same person, I owe that friend a big thank you because I was opened up to a whole different world of music. Breezy lives in Los Angeles, California and, believe it or not, is gaining a lot of recognition not only because of his music, but because of Wax because they're friends. It's a small world, man. They've collaborated together musically, and intially both Breezy Lovejoy and Wax were introduced through the Youtube channel Knocksteady. Knocksteady recognizes new and upcoming hip-hop artists and gives them the chance to show their talent. The first video I'm going to show is actually Breezy Lovejoy on the Knocksteady channel putting his own spin on a song that Biggie Smalls wrote ("I've Got A Story To Tell). This man's honestly got a lovely voice.

                                         KNOCKSTEADY LIVE-BREEZY LOVEJOY

                                                            8oom 8ap-Breezy Lovejoy

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