Monday, May 27, 2013

All Falls Down-Kanye West

Alright we all know this face, and he probably doesn't need anymore people to know who he is or else he'll end up actually ruling the earth because he's just about the biggest hip-hop artist around right now. Kanye West is still a crazy talented artist, and I have an unfathomable amount of respect for him because he taught himself how to do everything he knows how to do and he worked real hard to get to where he is today. His ear for music is amazing, he composes and produces and he raps. Honestly, it's threatening as hell. Kanye has got a sort of unmatchable wit, anyone who were to have a rap battle with him would probably just embarrass themselves. His album The College Dropout came out in February of 2004 and needless to say, he made it big. This song just gets me every time. 

01 "Intro"
02 "We Don't Care
03 "Graduation Day"
04 "All Falls Down"
05 "I'll Fly Away"
06 "Spaceship"
07 "Jesus Walks"
08 "Never Let Me Down"
09 "Get Em High"
10 "The Workout Plan"
11 "The New Workout Plan"
12 "Slow jamz"
13 "Breathe In Breathe Out
14 "School Spirit (Skit 1)"
15 "School Spirit"
16 "School Spirit (Skit 2)
17 "Lil Jimmy (Skit)
18 "Two Words"
19 "Through The Wire"
20 "Family Business"
21 "Last Call"

                                                    "All Falls Down"-Kanye West

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