Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Taking a break from all of the heavy, social issue rap, Grieves is a new artist that my friend Isana actually introduced me to a couple of weeks ago, and I gotta say, good job my friend. Grieves, or Benjamin Laub, was born in Chicago in 1984 and came out with his album Together/Apart in 2011. He's smooth and soulful in the way that makes the whole room sit still and quiet, and nowadays that's a rare quality.

01 "Light Speed"
02 "Bloody Poetry"
03 "Falling From You"
04 "On The Rocks"
05 "Sunny Side Of Hell"
06 "Tragic"
07 "Boogie Man"
08 "Pressure Cracks"
09 "No Matter What"
10 "Vice Grip"
11 "Heartbreak Hotel"
12 "Speak Easy"
13 "Prize Fighter"
14 "Wild Thing"
15 "Growing Pains"
16 "Against The Bottom"


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