Monday, May 27, 2013

Sun Won't Come Out-Pete Rock & CL Smooth

"Sun Won't Come Out" by Pete Rock and CL Smooth is a song my old coworker introduced me to actually on the day of my job interview. He probably showed me about a hundred different hip-hop artists that were all wildly talented, but Pete Rock and CL Smooth were two guys I already held real close to my heart. Just like Freddie Joachim, their music can manipulate your feelings like no other. "Sun Won't Come Out" was on the album The Main Ingredient (1994) after their debut album Mecca and the Soul Brother (1992). And I've got to say, their better work was definitely on The Main Ingredient. It's got a more soulful feeling because it feels like they'd discovered their style.

"Sun Won't Come Out" samples a song by the same name by Harvey Scales.


01 "In The House"
02 "Carmel City"
03 "I Get Phsyical"
04 "Sun Won't Come Out"
05 "I Got A Love"
06 "Escape"
07 "The Main Ingredient"
08 "World Wide"
09 "All The Places"
10 "Tell Me"
11 "Take You There"
12 "Searching"
13 "Check It Out"
14 "In The Flesh"
15 "It's On You"

                                      "Sun Won't Come Out" -Pete Rock and CL Smooth

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