Monday, May 20, 2013

U.N.I.T.Y.-Queen Latifah

Now, EVERYBODY knows who Queen Latifah is and that has got to be a fact. The woman's got Queen in front of her name, and it's well deserved. Though not a lot of people know that before she was Khadijah James on Living Single, Queen Latifah was a well known rapper in the hip-hop world back in the 90s.


                                                          Black Reign (1993)

                               01 "Black Hand Side"
                               02 "Listen 2 me"
                               03 "I Can't Understand"
                               04 "Rough..."
                               05 "The D.J.'s"
                               06 "Bring tha Flava"
                               07 "Coochie Bang"
                               08 "Superstar"
                               09 "No Work"
                               10 "Just a Flow (Interlude)"
                               11 "Just Another Day..."
                               12 "U.N.I.T.Y."
                               13 "Weekend Love"
                               14 "Mood Is Right"
                               15 "Winki's Theme"


This is defintiely my favorite song off the album because Queen Latifah is one of those women that stands up for herself no matter the circumstances. A lot of women could learn a lesson from her 1993 self, the Queen's got a lot of soul. 

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